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1817 Hwy 53
Cook, MN 55723



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We have a new approach to family medicine which is Quality over Quantity.

It's called Direct Primary Care. We love it, our current patients love it, and we think you'll love it to.


Here's the gist: we don't accept insurance to pay for in-house services, which will help you save money. We love to see patients that have insurance including Medicare. You need healthcare insurance for hospitalizations, ER and specialist visits, X-rays, outside labs, medications, etc., but you don’t need it to see us.


We offer a monthly membership with a one time registration that covers most of the care we give including unlimited office visits (wellness, acute care, disease management, sports physicals), access to provider staff via phone/text (including after-hours), in-office lab testing and procedures (see covered tests/procedures), coordination of care with specialists, hospitals, and other care

providers, and a whole lot more.


Watch this great video to learn more about Direct Primary Care.

Cook Hospital


The Cook Hospital is a 14 bed, acute care, Critical Access hospital with a fully staffed emergency room open 24 hours a day, seven days a week serving a 2500 square mile region of wilderness and recreational territory.


The emergency staff are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Advance Trauma Life Support with full ancillary support services such as advanced laboratory services, full Imaging including CT, Ultrasound, Echocardiography, Mobile MRI, EKG and an FDA approved Mammography site also being a part of who we are and what we can do.

The employees of Cook Hospital and Nursing Home want our facility to be a safe place for everyone. We encourage patients and residents to become active partners in their health care, to openly communicate with their health care providers and to speak up if they have any concerns or questions.


10 Southeast Fifth Street
Cook, Minnesota 55723
Phone: 218-666-5945
Toll Free: 1-866-324-5945






Disability Specialists



A national leader by your side; paving the way to winning your disability claim. Since 1989, we have helped thousands of Social Security disability claimants like you obtain the Social Security disability benefits you deserve. We’ve won thousands of cases and will help you every step of the way to winning your disability claim.


Disability Specialists 9558 Ashawa Road, Cook, MN 55723





Wants to keep you healthy! We've been doing that in our communities since 1979. Our patients are important to us because they are family, friends and neighbors - we live here, work here, play here and are members of the same communities!

Our mission is to provide medical, dental and behavioral health services in a remote, rural area of northern Minnesota.  We recognize that our patients are the reason we are here.  We welcome your suggestions and want you to know that it is our goal to provide quality and compassionate care to every patient at every visit. Thank you for your confidence in our providers and staff.

Scenic Rivers Health Services provides quality care to all patients.   We are a Community Health Center and Federally Qualified Health Center.   We are an affirmative action equal opportunity employer and provider. We are funded in part by a grant from the Bureau of Primary Health Care

Phone (218) 666-5941
Fax (218) 666-5099




The purpose of the Healthcare Auxiliary is to promote and advance the welfare of the Cook Hospital & Nursing Home through ways approved by the governing board of the Cook Hospital. This purpose is accomplished through approved fund raising, primarily the operation of a Thrift Shop. 

At the Thrift Shop, two days a week are work days where items received are sorted, priced, and displayed throughout the Shop to be sold at bargain prices. On these days, the Shop is buzzing with upwards of a dozen or more volunteers who work to keep the Shop organized and clean and also enjoy the fellowship that comes with volunteering for a good cause. 


On Thursdays, Fridays and the second and fourth Saturdays, the Thrift Ship is open for business. The Shop has a reputation for great prices and an ever changing inventory so there is always some “treasure” to be found. Our never ending supply of clothing (men, women, teens, children, and babies), books, house wares, knick-knacks, bedding, drapery and everything in between brings in shoppers from all over the area. There is also a “specialty” section set up for seasonal items, centerpieces, antiques and special buys. 

Donations can be dropped off at any time in our Donation Shed located next to the main building. Items should be clean and in good condition. Items NOT ACCEPTED include mattresses, car seats, television sets, any electronics, and non working appliances. Furniture can be accepted on a space available basis. If you have questions or want to make arrangements to drop off furniture, please call on Monday or Wednesday mornings or open days. 

The Thrift Shop is operated by numerous volunteer Auxiliary members. Membership consists of women and men who are interested in supporting the Cook Hospital & Nursing Home through service, fundraising, and donations. Active Membership is $5 per year; Support Membership (you will not be called upon to volunteer) is $5 per year; and Lifetime Membership is $50. We invite you to join us and appreciate your support! For a membership application, stop by the Thrift Shop during business hours. 

The volunteer members continue to run the organization with the main purpose of raising funds for the Cook Hospital & Nursing Home. It continues to thrive to this day with the mainstay of its funds coming from sales of goods at the Thrift Shop in Cook. The Auxiliary members also hold special events for fund raising including raffles, a winter holiday bazaar, and a community style show. Volunteers are always appreciated to help set up and run these special events.


The Thrift Shop
320 SE 3rd Avenue
Cook, MN 55723

Hours of Operation: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Thursdays, Fridays and the second and fourth Saturday of each month. Winter hours may vary.


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